Tips for Passing The Salesforce ‘Field Service Lightning Consultant’ Exam

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This turned out be a fairly easier exam compared to the other consultant exams that Salesforce has to offer. A few hours in the demo org working with Assets, Work Orders, Service Appointments, Dispatch Console, Map, Entitlements and two weeks worth of study based on Salesforce Help documentation proved to be quite beneficial resources for passing the exam.

The exam had 60 multiple-choice questions with a 70% passing score and 90 minutes allotted to pass the exam. As usual, I took the exam from home as I don’t like the idea of traveling all the way to a test center when I can take the exam from the comforts of my home!

Here are the topics that you must know well in order to pass the exam:

  • Inventory Management
  • Products and Price Books for Assets and Work orders
  • Asset Management
  • Scheduling Policies
  • Skills Management
  • Work Types
  • Work Rules
  • Dispatch Console
  • Quick Actions (tons of questions on this and the easier ones too)
  • Service reports
  • Status Transitions
  • Preferred Resource
  • Entitlements, Milestone, Service Contracts
  • Field Service Lightning Mobile App and Capabilities
  • Operating Hours and Time Slots
  • Scenarios revolving around Custom Signatures
  • Service Territories
  • Work Order and Work Order Line Items Managements
  • Resource Absences


Provided you have a firm grip on the aforementioned topics, the exam shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack. Here are the resources that I used for the exam:

Complete Guide to Field Service

Field Service Lightning Managed Packaged Guide

Demo Org with FSL installed


Good luck!