Thank you and congratulations to everyone as well. The strategy that was shown during the last session really helped me stayed organize and allocate the remaining time I had to review those questions that marked as “Maybes” and  “Did not Know” (which were very few). I definitely advise you to spend all of the time studying on the session slides and questions and walk into the exam very confident.

Mayank – Once again, thank you for your time and your effort in providing us a guideline and the right tools to attain this certification.


I am excited to share the goood news: I took ADM 201 yesterday and passed it thanks to all the slides and study sessions. You are absolutely right that studying all materials provided is definitely enough to prepare for the test.  Most of questions are straight-forward and I had time to go through all questions twice 🙂  
Thanks again for everything.  Please get me in if you have open spot for Advanced Admin study group.


Thank you all so much! And an even bigger thank you to Mayank who went above and beyond to help out! I really appreciate it!


Many thanks for suggestions, I successfully cleared Marketing sales cloud email specialist certification today. Your suggestions truly helped my last minute revision preparations. Keep posting more on certification exams.


Mayank is extremely helpful and sharp with his salesforce knowledge. He was very patient and insightful as he instructed me on reporting issuses/custom formulas I needed to pull critical data. Will certainly be a top choice/preference in the future. 5 stars!


Hi Mayank, wanted to let you know that I took and passed the exam today. I would say that even with only attending two of the meetings, I got some body from the meetings. Thank you very much for the effort, keep doing the good work! 🙂


I just took the ADM 201 exam tonight. Well I just completed the exam 5 minutes ago and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the results. I sat there staring at the screen for about 3 minutes in disbelief. It said that I passed! I couldn’t believe it! I owe it all to you!! THANK YOU!! I can’t tell you how much appreciate this! You are awesome!!


Mayank Srivastava is very proactive, dedicated,enthusiastic,creative, effective mentor for all aspects in platform. I passed my ADM-201 exam back to January 2016. From the very beginning when I started to learn Salesforce, Mayank helps me a lot. He is really good trainer, effective coach.I really grateful to him. I wish him success in his future endeavors.


Today I cleared ADM-201 and want to say thanks to you. I would say the guiding motto in the life of every natural philosopher should be, Seek simplicity and Mayank has been a huge help and great guide to me. I started my journey from your success story, and followed all instruction to complete the exam. You have answered my each query or all questions in which I was confused. Writing this review is just a token of appreciation for Mayank sharing his knowledge with budding salesforce admins and helping them succeed. He is prompt, well informed and very cooperative. Really inspired and would follow you, in future as well. 🙂


Mayank is really passionate about Salesforce and that comes across in his training. He gave us a thorough training on the software, enabling us to use it on our own. After 5 years of donor data in scattered excels, we now finally have it all organised in Salesforce. As we continuously use Salesforce, we’ve realised the need for additional data and features and Mayank has been quick to respond and been able to help us make those additional changes too.


I started with self study on the Administrator part and with so much of content to study I had a lot of queries, very silly ones even. That is when Mayank helped me out through the Salesforce community. Almost every time I posted a question on the community, Mayank was always around with the answer and clarification. Mayank’s answers to my queries have always been spot and helped me understand the concepts better. Very often he embeds a Salesforce official help link in his answers to ensure that we just don’t move away after getting our answer but also understand the concepts/ scenarios around that topic. Thanks a lot to Mayank for being around for thousands of Salesforce aspirants like me.


Mayank – Cant exactly put in words how excited I am :):) thanks so much for spending time for 4 weeks motivating and guiding us.:) 🙂 Looking forward for more sessions for different certifications.

Sachin Suchak

I had posted a question on workflow on Contracts in the Success Community. Mayank was so prompt to reply to my question. He is very helpful and was detailed in his explanation to solve my problem. Thank you Mayank!


Mayank is a great mentor for salesforce newbies, he is very helpful and i am very impressed with his blog articles and his success stories on certification.


I was a member in the last study group and found it quite helpful. I had spent a fair amount of time using Certified on Demand but failed the first time. I went through the content again but still wasn’t doing so great on the practice tests. Mayank really helped me and others focus on the key issues and not get stressed on details that weren’t as critical. If the sessions are too fast, you can certainly go over the notes provided at your pace. If they go too slow, you should have confidence you are ready for the exam. The people were great, supportive of one another and I now see more familiar faces when I attend user groups. I hoping Mayank does study groups for other exams as well!


I am Aniesh from Bangalore. I’m very new to Salesforce and began exploring the platform about 3 months ago. Started my journey with #trailhead a few weeks ago. I came across Mayank via Twitter. He was 5x certified then, little did I know that this man will agree to be my mentor and help me out in this #journeyofsalesforce. I wrote him a detailed email with my educational background, work experience and why I was considering #Salesforce for my career in Cloud Computing. Glad that he replied in detail #Congratulating me on my decision to choose the platform and tips on how to get started addressing questions on learning, finding a job etc. 2 weeks later- I find myself stuck in the UI Customization module of the Admin trail. I sat for more than 2 hrs to complete the 1st challenge in the UI series but I couldn’t move further due to a simple mistake. Approached Mayank via twitter, wrote him a detailed email with 3 screenshots of my issue and expected a reply in a few hours cursing myself for writing such a big email. Quick, came the reply via twitter itself. Was surprised but all that I had to do was make a minor change and that not only helped me complete my challenge but also gave me the desired output of seeing any contact name in my contact list on Google via the ‘Google Info’ custom button.  Thanks a lot Mayank for helping me when I hit the #deadend. You continue to #Inspire me learn more and make a Career @Salesforce.