Bodybuilding has been an indispensable part of my lifestyle for the past 8 years and I love it as much as I love Salesforce. With all the blogging, answers community and my study group related activities, it initially proved to be quite challenging to strike a fine balance between both of these passions. Along the way, I realized that staying fit is definitely as vital as engaging myself in Salesforce related pro bono activities.

The objective of this page is to launch a new series of ‘Staying Fit‘ posts to help you have a healthy and active lifestyle alongside your regular professional conduct. I will be posting content related to wise food choices, calorie tracking and weight training, though not as often as I do it for the Salesforce part of my site since that will always be my primary focus.

The mission would be accomplished if you are able to incorporate even a little bit of my fitness related advice in your lifestyle and hopefully you won’t regret it. Here are a few pictures of mine from a recent fitness photo-shoot that were used for a supplement company’s products promotion: