Tips for Passing The ‘Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist’ Exam

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My top tip for anyone studying for this exam is: ‘Do not take it lightly’. Theoretical knowledge alone wouldn’t suffice to pass this exam and you need significant amounts of hands-on experience with configuring the CPQ package in a Salesforce org. I had been studying for this exam for 3 months and spent almost an hour or two everyday in a demo org playing around with product bundles, quote templates, product rules, pricing, discounts, price rules, configuration attributes, guided selling, template sections, contracting, assets and subscriptions, custom segments, contracted pricing, discount methods and schedules, summary variables, quote terms and so on.

The exam had 60 multiple-choice questions with a 68% passing score and 90 minutes allotted to pass the exam. As usual, I took the exam from home as I don’t like the idea of traveling all the way to a test center when I can take the exam from the comforts of my home.

Here are the topics that you must know well in order to pass the exam:

  • Option Constraints
  • Template Sections
  • Product Validation Rules
  • Alert Rules
  • Product Actions
  • Guided Selling
  • Search Filters
  • Creating Template Content
  • Block Pricing
  • Discount Methods
  • Price Rules
  • Quote Line Managed Fields
  • Quote Calculations and Triggering Calculations
  • Bundles and Feature Level Field Sets
  • Custom Segments in MDQ
  • Asset Amendments
  • Contracts Overview
  • Contracted Pricing
  • Summary Variables
  • Dynamic Proposals
  • Configuration Attributes
  • Document Output Formats

Remember to get your hands dirty as much as you possibly can with all the aforementioned topics in a dev/trial org as about 70-80% of the questions in the exam will be scenario based and the rest will be knowledge based.  And if you have questions or need assistance with the preparation, don’t forget to rummage through the fantastic CPQ knowledge base or ask the community!

Good luck!