Preparing For The Salesforce ‘Community Cloud’ Consultant Exam

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With the lurking possibility of Communities being leveraged on my current client project, I decided to brush up my knowledge base and go for the Community Cloud Consultant exam. The exam was a mix of challenging, tricky and straightforward questions and was on par with the other cloud consultant exams that Salesforce offers, in terms of difficulty level.

The exam had 60 multiple-choice questions with a 57% passing score and 90 minutes allotted to complete the exam. Like all other cloud consultant exams, the cost of this exam is USD 200 with a retake fee of USD 100. Here is the Credential Overview which is also available on the official Salesforce certification website:


The Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant credential is designed for those who have experience implementing and consulting on the Salesforce Communities applications in a customer-facing role. Candidates should also be able to troubleshoot and solve platform issues.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

  • Enable, create, configure, manage membership, and deploy communities
  • Differentiate between the capabilities of different license types
  • Configure the community management console
  • Describe the infrastructure of communities
  • Employ build options


Listed are the topics that you should know well before you take the exam:

  • Super User Access for Customers and Partners
  • Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce
  • Napili template (Other templates are important too but you should know Napili really well)
  • Guest User access
  • Sharing Sets
  • Page types in Community Builder
  • Reputation feature in Community
  • External Users’ OWD
  • Moderation in Communities
  • Keyword Lists
  • Recommendation feature in Communities
  • Ways of enabling Community access for different kinds of users
  • Navigation within a Community
  • Custom Domain with respect to Communities
  • Community Builder features
  • Branding Editor
  • Social and Single Sign On
  • Global Header
  • Studio
  • Partner Roles (Limits and Best practices)
  • Knowledge Articles with respect to Communities
  • Community Licenses and limits


Google the above topics and you will find ample documentation to help you understand the related concepts. Good luck!