Preparing For The Salesforce ‘Integration Architecture Designer’ Exam

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I took this exam today and can confidently claim that this is one of the toughest Salesforce exams that I have experienced so far. I believe it might be because of my limited experience with Integration and it’s quite possible that you find it to be easy if you have worked hands-on with Salesforce and external system integrations for more than an year. My knowledge of integration stems primarily from having worked with a few integration related requirements and attending a couple of Architecture whiteboard sessions during the prior projects.

The exam has 60 multiple-choice questions with a passing score of 68% and you get 90 minutes to complete the exam. Here is the Credential Overview which is also available on the official Salesforce certification website:


The Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer credential is designed for those who assess the architecture environment and requirements and design sound and scalable technical solutions on the platform that meet end-to-end integration requirements. Candidates should have experience communicating solutions and design trade-offs to business stakeholders.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

  • Held a technical architect role on multiple complex deployments or gained equivalent knowledge through participation and exposure to these types of projects
  • Thorough understanding of Web Services in general and SOAP and REST specifically; understands the basic workings of HTTP/S
  • Understand the different APIs and is able to design solutions using the appropriate API
  • Understand data migration considerations, design trade-offs, and common ETL tools
  • Experience with common integration patterns used on the Platform
  • Understand patterns/mechanisms to secure integrations such as TLS for HTTP


Here are the most important topics that you must be well versed with to pass the exam:

  • Outbound Messaging and its capabilities, limitations
  • Large Data Volume Migration into Salesforce: Considerations
  • Lightning Connect and its capabilities
  • Salesforce Canvas
  • Duplicate Prevention and De-duplication tools and mechanisms (both off platform and within Salesforce)
  • Named credentials
  • External ID: Knowledge based questions
  • Middleware (lots of questions)
  • API limits in Salesforce and reasons
  • Type of Testing to be used in different scenarios
  • Authentication mechanisms ( CA signed certificates, SSL certificates, Base64 encoding)
  • Batch API and data load in Salesforce (lots of questions)
  • Partner WSDL and Enterprise WSDL
  • SOAP Callouts
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Types of API’s and capabilities
  • Chatter REST API
  • Apex REST Services and its capabilities, limitations
  • Apex callouts and its capabilities, limitations
  • Salesforce to Salesforce (lots of questions)
  • Integration related errors and troubleshooting (lots of questions)

The above topics should cover you soundly for the exam. The following resources were immensely helpful to me when preparing for the exam:

Salesforce APIs – What They Are & When to Use Them
Integration Patterns and Practices
Plan Bulk Data Loads
Which API Do I Use?
Introducing Canvas

Go get this certification and good luck!