Passing The Salesforce Email Specialist And Social Specialist Certification Exams

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Before I get into the details of how to prepare for these exams, I should tell you that I had zero hands on experience with any of the Marketing tools. The intent was to study for these exams and learn something new during the preparation process. Since I would be entering the consulting world soon, I might be made part of a project that involves the Marketing Cloud hence the proactive measures. And who doesn’t like more certifications?

My preparation strategy was nothing special but simply going through the study guides, googling the topics mentioned and skimming over the relevant content. I didn’t find these exams to be overly tough and the questions’ wording was quite straightforward which made it easier to pass these compared to the other exams. So here is my list of most important topics to hammer for the exam preparation:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
    Automation Studio, Playbooks, Query Activity, Other Activity Types
    Data Extensions, Lists
    CAN-SPAM Act
    Email Validate tool
    HTML Paste
    Triggered Automation
    Personalization Strings
    Send Classification
    A/B Test audience
    Email Design
    Segmentation (Drag & Drop, Audience)
    Data Relationship
    Email Template
    Hard Bounce & Soft Bounce – Difference
    Scheduled Sends, Triggered Sends
    Import Wizard
    Sender Profile & Delivery Profile
    Subscriber Key & Primary Key
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist
    Publish Post Inspector
    Roles and Permissions (Very Important)
    Engagement and Publishing Macros – Use Cases and Differences
    Send to Salesforce Macro
    Topic Profiles
    Shared Content
    Web Analytics code
    Post approval via Mobile
    Social Studio Calendar
    Column Filters
    Analyze Dashboards – Social Listening and Account Summary
    Configuring Approval Rules
    Tenants & Workspaces
    Performance Tab

This should be your go-to source of information:
If you google the above topics and obtain a clear understanding of what the capabilities of these features are, it shouldn’t be too challenging to pass the exams. Personally, I found the Social Specialist exam to be a tad bit tougher than Email Specialist because of the former’s weightage on more scenario based questions. If you have even a little amount of hands-on experience with any of the features above, then both these exams should be a cakewalk for you.

Good luck!