Interested In Joining A Salesforce ADM-201 Study Group In NJ/NYC/CT Area?

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UPDATE: The fourth batch is closed.

Following content is from the previous study group posting and applies to the new one as well.


I recently helped a bunch of folks pass the Salesforce Administrator exam and thus decided to launch a study group in the Tri-state area. The first three batches had 18 members and all of them successfully passed their ADM 201 exam which is a great achievement for all of us. I am aiming for the study group and its next batch to comprise all members from the NJ/NYC/CT or surrounding areas where all of us could gather at a convenient location and study together. Before you begin wondering about the cost of joining such a group, let me tell you that there’s no money associated with being a member and it’s free of cost.

Here are the study group details in a nutshell:

  1. Meetup Location
    Secaucus Public Library, New Jersey. I will send you the address via E-mail after you have joined.
  2. Target members
    Anyone who is planning to attempt the ADM 201 exam in the next two to three months is eligible to join. You should be in the Tri-state area and able to commute to the study location once per week for a month. At this time, due to resource constraints and maintaining an optimum group size, I have to limit the group size to a maximum of 6 members so the sooner you contact me, the better are your chances of getting in.
  3. Course Duration and Timings
    The training will last a month and the plan is to do it on a Sunday for two hours for four consecutive weeks. The exact time can be finalized based on everybody’s convenience.
  4. Learning Approach
    The following tried, tested and trusted resources would be our ammo for cracking the exam:
    Trailhead: I couldn’t stress enough on the importance of leveraging Trailhead for the preparation. It is exhaustive, engaging and highly collaborative.

    Salesforce Help & Training :
    This would be ‘THE’ most crucial resource for the preparation.

    My Experience : How about a live demo of ADM 201 relevant features and a 60 MCQ mock test based on what I have learnt in the past few years? You got it.

    During the two hour meetup every Sunday, I go over the listed topics in detail and give a hands-on demonstration of how these features function in Salesforce. I will cover two modules per session and we will be done by the end of four weeks. During the week between our meetups, I will send you links to relevant trails on Trailhead and Salesforce help articles that you must complete prior to our next meetup.  I will also provide you with a 60 multiple choice question mock test  a week before your exam and help you get an idea of what the actual exam will be like.

    Week 1:

    Module I
    Relationship Types (Lookup and Master Detail)
    Apps, Objects, Fields and Tabs
    Tags and Topics
    Company Information (Locale, Language, Currency, Fiscal years etc.)

    Module II
    Campaign Management
    Lead Management
    Opportunity Management
    Web To Lead, Web To Case, Email To Case

    Week 2:

    Module III

    Account, Opportunity and Case Teams
    Products and Price Books
    Data Manipulation Tools

    Module IV
    Reports and Dashboards
    Security and Sharing in Salesforce (Login restrictions, OWD, Sharing Rules, Roles, Profiles, Permission Sets)

    Week 3:

    Module V

    Transferring Records
    Search Settings and User Interface Settings
    Content and Libraries

    Module VI
    Business Automation Rules  (Assignment Rules, Workflow Rules, Approval Process, Auto -Response Rules, Validation Rules, Process Builder, Visual Workflows)

    Week 4:

    Module VII

    Salesforce Knowledge

    Module VIII
    Record Types, Sales/Support Processes, Page Layouts and Profiles
    Introduction to Lightning Experience

  5. Prerequisites for joining
    The only reason behind having prerequisites is to ensure that the prospective members are willing to make a serious commitment to show up and indulge in the preparation needed to pass the exam. Here is what I need from you:a.) No solicitation and asking for dumps or real exam questions.
    b.) No option for virtual training and you must be able to meet up in person
    c.) You should have completed the following trail on Trailhead:
    If you need help signing up for a Trailhead account and connecting a developer account with it, feel free to E-mail me and I would be glad to help you out.


So are you interested in joining such a collaborative group where we not only assist our members pass the exam but also learn tips and tricks to help manage Salesforce better? Send me an email at or a message via the Contact form on this site and we can get rolling. Once I have found the six members that I’m looking for, I will post an announcement on the site about the enrollment not being open anymore.