Using Inline Visualforce Page and Auto Launched Flows to Trigger Actions on Unsupported (By Process Builder and Apex trigger) Objects

We all know how Process Builder and Apex triggers aren’t supported on certain objects like Partners, Contact Roles, Permission Set Assignment, Quote Documents and many others. So if someone were to add a record to any of these objects and an action was supposed to be triggered based on...

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Tips On Passing The Advanced Developer (DEV 501) / Platform Developer II Programming Assignment

I recently got this E-mail from the Salesforce certification department and I can’t express how ecstatic I was. Having grabbed all other 19 Salesforce certifications , passing the Advanced Developer exam was the final step towards my dream of having all current 20 certifications and being ‘Everything Certified’ (barring...

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Using Process Builder and Apex (Invocable Method) To Concatenate Child Record/(s) Information Onto Parent record

Questions on the Salesforce Answers Community have always been a great source for my blog post ideas/content. Here is another one that made me brainstorm the possible solutions and I finally ended up using Process Builder and the @InvocableMethod annotation (Apex) since that seemed to be the most convenient...

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Interested In Joining A Salesforce ADM-201 Study Group In NJ/NYC/CT Area?

UPDATE: The fourth batch is closed. Following content is from the previous study group posting and applies to the new one as well. ——————————————————————————————————————————————– I recently helped a bunch of folks pass the Salesforce Administrator exam and thus decided to launch a study group in the Tri-state area. The first...

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Passing the Salesforce Platform App Builder Transition Exam

Salesforce recently launched a whole new series of Developer certifications which have now replaced the DEV 401(Developer) and DEV 501(Advanced Developer) exams. Whether or not you pocketed the older certifications, I would recommend skimming through the official documentation to better understand which path to take. With the recent introduction...

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