Upcoming Bodybuilding Photoshoot: Suspending Salesforce study groups until July 30th


As much as I love conducting these study groups and helping folks pass Salesforce certifications in the tri-state area, I have decided to take some personal time off and suspend these for a while as my wife and I are preparing for a bodybuilding photo shoot on July 30th. You will continue seeing me on other channels though like the Answers Community and Twitter where I regularly contribute.


Here are our latest pics from last week (a lot of my previous and current study group members expressed interest in seeing them so I am posting them here) and given the rigorous dieting and workout schedule, it will be tough to manage both the fitness regime and study groups at the same time. The insatiable appetite, brutal hunger pangs and erratic sleep patterns due to extremely low bodyfat% demand that we take sufficient rest during the weekends and this is one of the reasons why I won’t be able to host the study sessions for a while.

7% BF and 5 weeks out

15% BF and 5 weeks out


I get a ton of messages from you all expressing interesting in joining my study groups which I really appreciate and I hope you will understand this temporary suspension of the sessions. I will post back on Chatter once I resume them so that we can huddle together and start grabbing the certifications again! I will also post our photoshoot pics on my blog once it’s done so stay tuned!


Wish us luck!


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